Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal imagining has a wide range of applications from search and rescue to identifying potential fire risks from hot areas of building or storage yard. It also brings a new dimension to surveying and inspection, giving you information that can’t be obtained from a standard photo such as heat loss or overheating or damaged components.

Thermal imaging an indispensable tool in the environmental assessment field for heat loss identification in both domestic and industrial property.

Industrial Applications

  • Energy/Utilities – Solar Farms, Wind Turbines, Power Lines 
  • Communications – Cell Towers, Radio Transmission Towers, Microwave Towers
  • Infrastructure – HVAC (Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning), Roofs

Top Public Safety Applications

  • Search and Rescue
  • Hazardous Material Inspection

Cell Tower & Powerline Inspections

By detecting weak points in the transmission and distribution network, you can identify problem areas before a breakdown or fire happens and prevent the fire from happening.

Solar Panel Inspections

If a solar panel is malfunctioning, this could mean a huge daily loss in potential energy gathered. But manual inspections are time consuming, and cost prohibitive. Using aerial thermography, an entire field of solar panels can be inspected quickly, checking for any hot spots where there might be problem areas.

HVAC and Roof Inspections

​Thermography allows you to perform a simple energy audit of any building in order to determine where there might be excess heat, or where heat might be escaping.

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