Client: Sisk / Highways England

Location: Wardley, Tyne & Wear

Drone: senseFly Albris & DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Dates: February 2018 – March 2019

We were approached to deliver monthly stockpile measurements and 2D maps of the Wardley storage site. Bulk excavation materials from the A19/A1058 Interchange is being stored at this location in preparation for the Testos interchange works.

15 Ground Control Points were set up around the site to help with geo location and survey accuracy.

While carrying out this project Highways England visited the site for a demonstration, this resulted in Sisk being awarded a Bluestar for innovation for this site.

The Albris was used to measure stockpiles with the high-resolution camera where as we used the Phantom 4 Pro to overfly the whole area quicker and with a lower ground sampling distance to allow for quicker processing of 2D maps.

Based on a survey carried out using ground-based equipment we were within 2% of their measurements however using the drones we collected millions of data points over an hour as opposed to the ground based full day for a couple of hundred data points.

Client: Sisk / Highways England

Location: A19/A1058 Silverlink Interchange, Tyne & Wear

Drone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Dates: January 2019

We were asked to provide some aerial photographs of the installation of a pedestrian walkway being installed on the project. Generally, this wouldn’t have been possible due to live traffic on a busy set of dual carriage ways however there were full night closures at the time of the installation allowing us to carry out the photography.

The Phantom 4 Pro was chosen for its battery life, manoeuvrability as well as the collision avoidance just for additional safety.

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