About Air Hound

Air Hound is a SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft) service provider specialising in Mapping, GIS, Inspections and Surveys. We use state of the art SUAs such as the senseFly Albris and the DJI Matrice M600 along with industry leading post processing software to gather accurate data and produce high definition, three-dimensional, accurate digital mapping for your project, including point clouds.

Drone technology has advanced beyond traditional mapping/survey methods. Allowing for more accurate results in a shorter time frame even equalling gold standard land-based surveys if required.

Added safety benefits are also a bonus, reducing person to vehicle interface on busy sites, eliminating the need for working at heights when inspecting buildings or structures and avoiding climbing steep stockpiles.

Drones are quickly becoming an industry standard for many applications.

Our services range from high quality pictures and videos to full digital mapped areas and point clouds that can be integrated to other software such as CAD programs

Our services are versatile across many industries such as;

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Insurance and inspections
  • Utilities

We are CAA approved and fully insured and compliant to EC785/2004 standards with a liability up-to £10m including night operations

​We welcome any enquiries and can arrange demonstrations.

If you would like to talk to us about what we can offer you or your company, whether it be in construction, inspections or any other industry please contact us via phone, email or web chat

How it works?

From initial enquiry we will discuss your individual needs and requirements and ensure that we customise the job specifically for you or your company.

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Drones have useful applications in many industries.
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