What is an SUA?

A Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) is a classification of what is commonly referred to as a drone. Typically, they are small, no more than 20kg and are fitted with a sophisticated range of technology to help optimise their capability to capture the images and data required.

Drone are quickly becoming standard across many industries because of their capability to capture high quality and accurate data, faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

We use a range of SUA to best suit our client’s needs, ranging from photos and 4K video to thermal imaging and full 3D models of a complete site. 

This is some of the equipment that we us;

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Light and agile, equipped with a 20MP camera and 4k video capability with an advanced collision avoidance system. Ideal for quickly and accurately capturing the required data to a high-quality level.

The Phantom 4 Pro has advanced collision avoidance ideal for working in relatively congested areas and tracking modes for small-scale videos

DJI Matrice 600

A heavy lift SUA with a maximum take-off mass of 15kg. The M600 has customisable payloads to suit each job giving it the ability to cover cinematic hardware, high-resolution imaging, thermal data and environmental sensors.

It can also be operated by 2 people, allowing for separate flight and camera control.

Sensefly Albris

The intelligent mapping & inspection SUA with a 38MP camera delivering a very high-quality image for mapping and inspection jobs. Distance lock and cruise control features allow the Albris to hold a set distance and speed along a façade when inspection and modelling. Other advantages of the Albris include;

  • Thermal imaging
  • HD video
  • 6x zoom
  • Flash and head torch

Pix4d Mapper Pro

This high end data processing software allows us to customise every aspect to the data processing from high or low resolution maps and models, point cloud density, 3D animated flythrough, textured mesh quality and a wide range of export file options to suit every requirement.

Trimble GNSS

Ground based precision GNSS equipment for setting up ground control points with 10-20mm accuracy.

Also allows us to carry out other basic surveying tasks where drone coverage may be limited.