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The construction industry is complex. Construction need technology that won’t add to the complexity of a project, but instead help to simplify it. SUA maps and models are a cost-effective, user-friendly way to help achieve this goal. Increase accuracy and cut the time with SUA mapping & surveying, whilst keeping well within your budget.

​Speed is also essential to construction projects where you are constantly working against timelines SUA maps make it easier and more efficient to manage work as it is happens, and monitor site progress overtime.

Project management can benefit with the use of aerial sitemaps to monitor and calculate progress, from planning through to completion. Integrating SUA solutions into everyday operations is fast-becoming a key factor for the construction industry, due to the benefits leading to improved time and cost management.

Management oversight

Keep real-time tabs on projects with regularly updated overhead maps. For in-depth analysis, zero in on key areas, often with sub cm precision.​

​Site progress

Track progress against 3D models and aerial views. How many floors have been built in the past week? Are the builders following the plan? Are we on track to complete the project by the deadline?

Improved communication

Share maps and models to everyone in the office up-to-date and informed — even if you’re still on site.

Stockpile measurement

Instantly measure stockpile volumes so you can make on-the-spot decisions about your materials needs.

Site planning & surveying

Instead of hiring a survey team to survey a greenfield site, you can hire us to perform the same job faster, with as much accuracy, and at a lower price point. In some cases, this information is even more accurate because SUA-generated point clouds gather millions of points compared to the hundreds gathered in a ground-based survey.

Safety improvements

Identify safety concerns in real time, so your team can address them quickly. Reduce the time employees and contractors spend on roofs, steep slopes, and other dangerous areas.

Virtual design and construction

Export SUA-generated point clouds into 3D design software for powerful insights. Ensure site progress is in step with original design plans.

How it works?

From initial enquiry we will discuss your individual needs and requirements and ensure that we customise the job specifically for you or your company.

What is an SUA?

We operate in the SUA range of
aircraft, such as the DJI Phantom 4 Pro,
DJI Matrice M600 and senseFly Albris

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