Inspections & Insurance

As a building or insurance inspector, you can use SUAs to inspect sites and infrastructure more efficiently and in a safer manner.

Inspect high or unstable structures from a safe distance and being able to quickly deploy and capture detailed images or video of structural defects. Create high-quality large-scale overviews of the inspection area as well as 3D imagery for later off-site inspection.

Building inspectors

Use SUAs to identify issues on roofs, building exteriors, and elevated towers without the need to spend hours walking or climbing a site. Collect better data, save valuable man hours, and reduce the need to send contractors into unsafe conditions.

​Insurance inspectors

Use SUA data as a way to streamline inspection claims by quickly and comprehensively assessing damage to property, homes, and commercial real estate.

Agriculture insurance

In the case of agricultural insurance, gather a complete picture of an entire field so that you can make the most accurate damage assessment.

Improve safety

Perform remote inspections to identify problem areas that need further attention. Reduce the amount of time crews spend on roofs, elevated towers, and other dangerous areas.

​Thermal imaging

Gather accurate thermal imagery to identify structural issues and remotely identify problem areas.

Enable complex simulations

Drone-generated 3D models aid with forensic inspections by providing a cost-effective way to reconstruct incidents.

How it works?

From initial enquiry we will discuss your individual needs and requirements and ensure that we customise the job specifically for you or your company.

What is an SUA?

We operate in the SUA range of
aircraft, such as the DJI Phantom 4 Pro,
DJI Matrice M600 and senseFly Albris

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