Mining & AggregateS

The mining industry is highly-regulated, technical, and potentially dangerous. Operational efficiency and cost is crucial; And safety is paramount.

SUAs help mine sites improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase safety by gathering powerful aerial data.

Site surveying

Surveying a potential mine site is faster, safer, and more cost-effective using SUA technology.

​Information sharing

Easily share maps and site information between on-site supervisors, explosive technicians, and employees in the lab.

​Material/aggregate volume analysis

More accurately determine material volumes that can be extracted, or calculate material volume on site.

Fragmentation analysis

Fly over blast sites to photograph the rock and ensure that the blast was done correctly. Flying overhead to plan a future blast.

Equipment and materials tracking

Keep track of the location of equipment and the amount of materials remaining.

Terrace/ramp evaluation

Determine how much to add or remove for efficient operations.

​Bench evaluation

Verify the face of the bench to understand structural integrity. Maintain safety by ensuring equipment is protected from falling over the side.

Regulatory and environmental compliance

Easily survey your site to ensure environmental compliance (e.g., measure the elevation variation to protect against material and/or chemical runoff)

​Improved safety

Measure materials with SUA instead of dangerous and labour-intensive manual methods.

How it works?

From initial enquiry we will discuss your individual needs and requirements and ensure that we customise the job specifically for you or your company.

What is an SUA?

We operate in the SUA range of
aircraft, such as the DJI Phantom 4 Pro,
DJI Matrice M600 and senseFly Albris

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